Industry-leading Closed-loop CO₂ Extraction Systems

Engineered for speed, efficiency, and reliability



Selective Extraction

Our CO₂ extractors are highly selective. Tweak your Vitalis system to extract only what you want with supercritical extraction, or supplement your process with a subcritical sequence to retain volatile compounds like terpenes and flavonoids.

Certifications & Compliance

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
European Conformity
Canadian Standard
Good Manufacturing Practice

Vitalis Extraction Systems

Vitalis provides scalable solutions to suit businesses of every size. With extraction rates over 500g/hr, and run times above industry-accepted standards, Vitalis CO₂ extraction systems help companies achieve their production goals quicker.

We leave the wild claims for our competitors when it comes to how many pounds of processing per day or through-put and efficiency metrics. Instead, we work with our customers to understand their product goals, discuss the variables at play, and explain how to make the right extraction system work for them.


Scaleable Production

Our systems are built to scale with you. From the entry-level F-series 45 liter extractor through the built-to-specification Z series, anyone from startups to leading producers can benefit from the Vitalis ecosystem. Scale up your operations with ease: our systems are easy to expand to suit your needs.

Tunable Systems

Our proprietary CO₂ extraction control systems allow you to extract material across a wide range of paramaters with pin-point precision. Vitalis systems remove all of the guesswork and allow you to pull specific compounds in multiple passes on the same material.

Cost-Effective Operation

Each Vitalis system is optimized for performance and efficiency. Patented TrueCyclonic and LiquidTec technology combine with high-flow, positive displacement pumps to provide improved flow rates, more efficient cold separation, and shorter run-times than our competitors.

The Vitalis Advantage

Why Choose Vitalis CO₂ Extraction?

CO₂ extraction is recognized as the safest, cleanest, and most efficient way to extract botanical oils and waxes, making it one of the most-favorable extraction methods for hemp.
Vitalis CO₂ extraction systems are designed to produce the highest amount of targeted compounds with the least amount of undesirables, in the shortest period of time. The process leaves no residue, does not change the chemical composition of the oil, or degrade the plant matter, allowing hemp companies to produce a broad spectrum oil that resembles the flavor and aroma profile of the original plant material.


Small-Batch Solution

45L Capacity

High-flowing sub & supercritical CO2



Flagship System

Available in 90L increments

High-flowing sub & supercritical CO2

Fully expandable


Facility-Designed System

Fully customizable to meet the needs of your business.


Massive Volume

Available in 200L increments

High-flowing sub & supercritical CO2

Fully expandable

Custom-planned solutions that support your extraction goals

Equipment Recommendations

Matching your extraction throughput to the right pre- and post-processing equipment to avoid costly bottlenecks.

Lab Layout Assistance

Designing your laboratory layout for general efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Vendor Relations

Vetting the markets top equipment vendors for your processing needs every time.

Consumables Supply

Supporting your teams on establishing cost-effective and efficient consumable supply arrangements. 

The Vitalis Guarantee

Exceptional Service and Warranty

Training & Commissioning

Complimentary training and commissioning service from our dedicated team of technicians to ensure you are set for success now and in the future.

One-Year Warranty

One-year warranty for every new Vitalis extraction system including spare parts, and on-site service.

Ancillary Services

Building for the Future

Vitalis was born from a long journey of research, ideation and development to provide CO₂ extraction machines that would exceed industry standards. After studying equipment on the market, and learning what extractors liked, didn't like, and wished they had instead, Vitalis founders engineered the solution.

Vitalis is a proud Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), fabricating every component of our systems from raw steel in-house, which enables us to deliver on our promise of quality, reliability and safety. Our customers’ success is our success, which is why we have a dedicated team of service technicians across the globe to deliver around the clock support and ensure there is never a moment of operational downtime.

Technical Specifications

"Vitalis would absolutely be the system that I recommend. Nothing really has the ability to select for terpenes like the Vitalis system, nothing has the customer service like Vitalis, and nothing has the sensical load-weights like the Vitalis system has. Everything about the Vitalis system from a production standpoint makes sense."

Copperstate Farms

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Why Choose Vitalis
CO2 Extraction?

Advanced Parts Replacement

Next-business-day delivery of a replacement part to maximize your productivity and avoid costly downtime.

Extended Care

Extended protection for new and pre-owned systems after the standard new equipment warranty expires.

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